Sharon's third grade class pursued an exploration of the motion of toy cars that occurred over 16 class days (about 16 hours of class time). Below is a nodal representation of their exploration. Each node corresponds to one activity that the students engaged in, from the launching activity (upper left node) onward. Bold arrows show the actual sequence of activities; smaller arrows symbolize the notion that Sharon's class could have moved in other directions, depending on what happened in the classroom and how that affected the "next move" decisions Sharon made.

Each node is linked to the activity page that corresponds to this implementation. These activity pages include video clips showcasing important student discussions, teacher input on the rationale for next moves, and so forth; all to 'flesh out' the enactment for the user.

The timeline above shows which days (top row) of the implementation correspond to each node. Some nodes (such as the first activity) correspond to two or more days of science class, while some (such as Gravity on Day 12) correspond to only one day. The nodes' listings in the timeline are also linked.